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Giddy up folks, yes... that is my image on John Hickenlooper's official site for governor of Colorado.

John's biography section features my image of some of the founding members of the Wynkoop Brewing Company.     1988

Westword Magazine
Nov. 8, 2010 blog

John and the dudes... and famous brew dog "Holiday"    1988


Westword Magazine
Jan.27, 2010 blog

Magical interior of Elitch Theatre     1992

Volume 36:  Number 2:  Fall 2010:  Page 6

Karle Seydel Memorial, a dedicated Denver Preservationist

Karle was a good friend of mine, we shared our love of Denver for 28 years.
Lower Downtown Denver and the Ballfield Neighborhood owe a lot to Karle's vision of the area and the relentless drive to improve all of that community!

Still standing... 2047 Larimer Street. top floor - was Karle's office. 1989

Susan S. Brown
September 30, 2010

Grand Salon article by Suzanne S. Brown
Included in the article about the Grand Salon, these are "Excerpts from".

"The offer of muffins and coffee allows you to have breakfast on the run so you'll get to work with nice hair and no hunger pangs.  If you have a minute, check out what is hanging on the walls.  At most salons, you'll see walls filled with enlargements of outre updos.  Here, there's an exhibit of Kim Allen's black-and-white photographs of Lower Downtown taken from 1983 to 1991."

From Rail-bridge looking north at 1400 block of Wynkoop Street     Denver, CO 1985
From Rail-bridge looking North at 1400 Block of Wynkoop Street     1985

From 15th St. Viaduct looking north towards Wynkoop Street     Denver, CO   1985
From the 15th Street Viaduct looking North onto Wynkoop Street     1985

Bill Husted - Columnist
January 31, 2009

Excerpts: Picture this  If your feeling nostalgic for old time Denver - early '80s anyway - spend some time on Kim Allen's site, And go further back at

JANUARY 15 - FEBRUARY 20, 2010


Park Avenue West Building, looking towards Denver, CO    1992
From 100 Park Avenue West Building, looking towards downtown     1992

From 29th Avenue and Inca Street, looking at the Hungarian Flour Mill, Denver, CO     1988
From 29th Avenue and Inca Street, looking at the Hungarian Flour Mill     1988

Juror's statement by Michael Paglia.

Having a taste for historic architecture, I've long admired the handsome red-brick building that houses the Ice Cube Gallery which looks like a lost landmark from LoDo.  However as I drove up to the building this past Monday in order to jury the Icebreaker show, I wondered if there'd be enough material submitted to do a credible exhibit. The problem as I saw it was that the entries
had been limited to those with some association to RiNo, and that seemed overly exclusive to me.

As the impressive show demonstrates, I was quite wrong. Not only were there plenty of worthwhile submissions, enough to put in this large and impressive show, there were at least twenty more pieces that did not get in that could have been included had there been more room.

I accepted approximately one out of three entries. And though I've been an art writer for around twenty years (fifteen of them at Westword) I was unfamiliar with more than half of the artists who submitted or were accepted for inclusion. This means that the art scene is larger than I thought, since I look at exhibits every week and I'm particularly interested in local artists so I'm aware of the efforts of many.

The resulting show falls into two broad categories: figuration and abstraction.  The display in the large and handsome space has been installed so that the representational pieces are on view to the left of the entrance - and across the back - while abstraction is displayed on the right. In this way it actually functions as two different shows.

Finally I'd like to thank Pat Aaron, Jean Smith and Kathy Knaus, all of whom are members of the Ice Cube co - operative, for all of their work in facilitating the jury process. I was exhausted when we were finished, and since they did lots more work than I did, I'm sure they were too.


May 21, 2009
LoDo Revorie
Article in Westword, Night and Day Section, by Susan Froyd
Thursday, August 14, 2008
Cameras Capture City's Shift
Rocky Mountain News, By Mary Voelz Chandler



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